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by Totem Terrors

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Recorded at HMS Cambria, Music Box Studios and One Mic Wonder Studios in Cardiff by Totem Terrors.


released April 8, 2013

All tracks written, performed and recorded by Totem Terrors.

Totem Terrors is Max Hicks and Rosie Smith.



all rights reserved


Totem Terrors Cardiff, UK

Totem Terrors is a band from the UK.

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Track Name: Weather Controller
the hour of darkness
the hour of fistfights
under the arches
we wait for daybreak
eat knuckle sandwich
lament for those who
fight with language

is to the faithful
what wishing
is to the faithless
what drinking
is to the shitfaced
and I'm shitfaced
every day now

he'll drive a tractor
he is no farmer
it is not natural
it is attractive
(but) too many factors
conspire against the
pipe dream of tractors

out in the moonlight
sometimes it feels right
sometimes it feels right
Track Name: Art Of Falling (Fall Song Rev. 6)
I don't like the looks of this
I don't like the looks of you

one million reasons, one million and one
one million and you couldn't come up with one
one million chances to explain what you've done
one million chances, one million and one

I don't like the looks of this
I don't like the looks of you

two hundred thousand is a very big number
three hundred thousand is even bigger again
one million is too much, I just wanted one
one million and one minus one million
Track Name: Gosig Mus
they never went on holiday, they never got to send
postcards to their family (they use computers to pretend)
like Paris in the springtime, it's a tired turn of phrase
you send conflicting messages with everything you say
it is this
it is missed
it is missing you

i saw the mirror broken, said that's seven years bad luck
he said "here are seven reasons why I couldn't give a fuck"
now the first six they escape me, but I do recall the last
it was something about being born under a crossing star
and it is hard
for some
not you or I

call it entrapment, call it other names
call it what you want but it will always be the same
it is like a doll of porcelain, so fragile and arcane
there are reasons why I cannot let you redefine my aims
no point
it is pointless
it is a missing point
a missed point in time
Track Name: Slovak's Dream
twenty-two with the teenage blues
I would hate you to love me, I would love to hate you
fine for a screw but I'd embarrass you
oh I'm not like your friends, no you're not like my friends

this time apart is killing me, radio silence not for me
it's good to have some time apart, but time can break a mending heart
you took a gamble with the girl from out of town
oh you can't see me, no you won't see me
Track Name: Words
waiting for
words to come
shaped like weapons
here they come

here they are
knife, rope, skewers
hydrochloric acid tears

stop the clocks
there's no time
no alarm to
make it seem like
a bad dream

here they come
knife, rope, guns
hydrochloric acid bombs
Track Name: Disco Tryst
with just a little concentration
it doesn't take too much to see
I have a handsome face
but only in the darkness

with just a little hesitation
it's easy to step gingerly
into the not so great
not so unknown, either

with zero expectation
you can at least expect from me
to know exactly when I
I see things differently

with just a little apprehension
can you pretend to you and me
that everything is ok
when everything is not

with massive expectations
can you expect to see
something approaching magic
I know a trick or three

with just a lot of comprehension
you might just have a chance to see
the point that I've been making
by waxing cryptically

I, I, I know why you
lie, lie, lie
to me and
sigh, sigh, sigh
and roll your
eye, eye, eyes
Track Name: I Am Hilary Page
I am Hilary Page
I am Hilary Page
remember my name
I am Hilary Page

I am Franck Le Calvez
I am Franck Le Calvez
remember my name
I am Franck Le Calvez

I am Sunshine Biscuits
I am Sunshine Biscuits
remember my name
I am Sunshine Biscuits

your stolen punchline
they flaunt without disguise
and you can make the same joke
and not even raise a smile
what difference does a name make
a colour, place or time
those bastards, they stole your fire
Track Name: Mr.Military
Mr Military can't be found
Mr Military can't be messed around
Mr Calculator likes to rhyme
Miss Enumerator counts 'em line by line

Lay your heart on the bassline, bassline
Not much longer will you be mine, be mine
Lay your heart, lay your heart on the bassline
Just about to lose my mind, my mind

Mr Operator filling in time
Mr Numerator stays above the line
Mr Miserable feeling sick
Mr Conversation wants it over quick

Mr Mathematic flash like ritz
Mr Scientific taste like salt to kiss
Mr Temperature hot and wet
Mr Literature wears warm leatherette

Just about to lose my mind, my mind
Track Name: Love? What's It Got To Do With Love?
what's it got to do with love?

run away
run away
get no closer go away

what's it got to do with love?

run away
run away
getting closer every day

run away
run away
love is like a Frito-Lay

Track Name: How Late It Was, How Late
I see the lighthouse
I see the red house
I see the carpet
the carpet that you used to hate
there's nothing there now
just an impression
an imperfect memory
that changes every day

I think I like you better in the letters that we write

I see the print-outs
I see the receipts
I see the debris
the bits and pieces of another life
I wear the trousers
I do the talking
my words are meaningless
so what you gonna do?

I think I like you better in the letters that we write

time will suck you dry
blink your eyes to pass the time